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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia goes through a stage of drastic change in all sectors to achieve the 2030 vision which will enable us to gain the entrepreneurship of the region and achieve the benefit for the country and the citizen. In the subcontracting sector, a part of this change appears in achieving sustainability in that sector which form the Saudi Contractors Authority. The correlation with the Saudi Commission of contractors is a strategic way to cope with a distinguished and leading authority working on causing a revolution in the subcontracting sector in Saudi Arabia. It is the perfect opportunity for the ideal partner to make use of to promote his brand for hundreds of thousands of contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries of the region.

The general advantages of the Saudi Contractors Authority Sponsor include:
  • Improving the trademark
  • The Strategic consensus
  • The social responsibility of the facilities
  • Reaching the contracting sector
  • Increasing sales to improve the local content
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