About SCA's Membership

SCA has set up under Council of Ministries resolution No. 510 dated 09/07/2015 (23/11/1436H) to be the formal umbrella for the Contractors Sector. The circulation of Ministry of Finance has issued for state institutions in order to approve the SCA's membership as a fundamental requirement to enter in the governmental bids.

In this connection, SCA strives to make Membership as an added value for the contractors in lieu to be regulatory chargers. In order to reach to that goal, it needs some time of which the strategic plan of SCA has detailed. But as accelerated interests for the regular contractors, the SCA seeks to include the Sectors’ interests in order to benefit from the Membership’s gains immediately and before completing the contract of SCA Service.

Contractor definition

While all applicants of state bids defined as contractors but the SCA sets a specific framework to define to contractor, which is each facility that carries out the construction and associated services, excluding the procurement of materials. The Contractor, as defined by the SCA, is anyone who practices the profession under one of the following categories:

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  •     Mining support services
  •     Waste collection, treatment & disposal activities; materials recovery
  •     Construction of buildings
  •     Civil engineering
  •     Specialized construction activities
  •     Services to buildings and landscape activities

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